Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the best screen resolution to view this site?

A. 1024x768 minimum. Higher than 1024x768 is recommended.

Q. Is my browser compatible with this site/what browsers are compatible with this site?

A. This site is fully tested on Firefox 3 and older, Internet Explorer *6, 7, 8, Safari, Opera, Camino, and Netscape 9.

*Internet Explorer 6 is functional with this site, but is NOT recommended.

Q. Is this site compatible with my machine?

A. Typically, webpage appearance and functionality is dictated by web browsers alone. However, this site has been visually approved on Mac OS X, and Windows XP. As long as one of the browsers listed above is being used, this site should be compatible on other systems as well, including Windows Vista.

Q. What is a PDF file, and how do I open it?

A. PDF stands for "Portable Document Format," which simply means that the file is in a non-editable format. This file format is widely used because the software to view it can be used on nearly any machine. You can obtain Adobe Reader from the Adobe website.

Q. How do I open/save a PowerPoint or AppleWorks file?

A. Unfortunately, PowerPoint (PPT/PPS) and AppleWorks (CWK) are not web-supported file type, so either kind of file needs to be saved first. Right-click (Mac: Hold a control key + mouse click) on the link and choose the save/download option and save the file somewhere simple, such as your computer desktop. Then you will need to open the file in the appropriate application.